What’s In A Name

I didn’t think I would think so hard about site and social media names until right now. As I prepare to make my return back to my favorite social platforms, I am strapped with the task of new social media handles that make sense. As always I don’t want to be boxed in and confined to a specific task. However, I understand that I sit in a spot currently not being known for anything.

I want something of my own, but would like for it to translate into my next career move as well. I also understand that using what I have now can develop what I can do later. I want something easy, catchy, memorable, yet unique, nostalgic and universal. I can come up with great names for anything but myself. It’s the most unexpected hard task I’ve had to conquer.

The words, phrases and numbers that come to mind are

Writer Camp
The Port
Only One

See how I’m all over the place? I hate to make another change, but I’m just not satisfied with the setup of everything right now. I like it, but I’m not in love with it. The idea is to make it permanent. I definitely want it solidified before this book officially comes out. If you got solutions, I’m all ears. Email ImBigCamp@gmail.com Thanks!