What’s In A Name

I didn’t think I would think so hard about site and social media names until right now. As I prepare to make my return back to my favorite social platforms, I am strapped with the task of new social media handles that make sense. As always I don’t want to be boxed in and confined to a specific task. However, I understand that I sit in a spot currently not being known for anything.

I want something of my own, but would like for it to translate into my next career move as well. I also understand that using what I have now can develop what I can do later. I want something easy, catchy, memorable, yet unique, nostalgic and universal. I can come up with great names for anything but myself. It’s the most unexpected hard task I’ve had to conquer.

The words, phrases and numbers that come to mind are

Writer Camp
The Port
Only One

See how I’m all over the place? I hate to make another change, but I’m just not satisfied with the setup of everything right now. I like it, but I’m not in love with it. The idea is to make it permanent. I definitely want it solidified before this book officially comes out. If you got solutions, I’m all ears. Email ImBigCamp@gmail.com Thanks!

Pen Names and Tattoos

I’ve been working on one of my two book ideas over the last few days. As I started banging out chapters, it made me think. What will be next to the “written by” portion of the cover. Do I need a Pen Name? Should I use my real name? Does “written by CamQuotes” even sound like it would be taken seriously? All things I’m obviously worried about because the content of this first book may be pretty heavy. I want to be taken seriously. The content of the book is coming to me so fast that I may finish before this month ends.

I don’t want any preconceived notions about the book or the author. This will be nothing like any project I’ve ever done before. It’s me in a new space and a new world. It’s not going to be preachy, nor will I try to establish myself as an expert. What I will do is enlighten, connect and start new conversation. I plan to do that one book at a time. I’m extremely excited about the opportunity to do that. I think the right name is important as it will stand with that. I was looking up authors and Pen Names and it definitely made me think that maybe I do need a pen name for one of these books. Probably more for that second one than the first. Name changing is kind of what I do. Partially because I haven’t been “famous enough” to have a name be big enough to gain national exposure. I don’t know why I’m always shying away from using my real name. I don’t have an ugly name. Although simple, it does seem to stand out. Maybe my government name truly is the way to go for the other book. For the content of the book, it definitely makes sense.

While thinking about the book, Pen Names and social media changes. I got to thinking about tattoos. I think I finally got a tattoo idea that I would actually keep for life and not regret. I have no tattoos. Every so often I think of ideas for tattoos and wonder what they would look like. Originally, I said, if I ever get a tattoo, it would be my daughter’s name in a finger-painted drawing she made and it would be over my heart. I think I want to remix that idea now. Give it a double meaning. I’ll have my daughter do a finger-painting of the word “Write” and have that over my heart. The double meaning is me writing from the heart and my daughter being the greatest creation and work of art in my life. Both writing and my daughter are near and dear to my heart. It feels like a great conversation piece if I was to ever be walking around with my shirt off. That won’t be happening, but I’d be very happy to take some pictures and then show and tell about the meaning of the tattoo.

Keep in mind I don’t like needles and I definitely need to find an A-1 amazing tattoo artist if I’m ever going to go through with this. Also want to give this chest a little more pop and definition before we do something permanent like this. Right now, it’s just a cool idea that I wanted to share. Definitely no rush in making this a reality before the year is up.  I’m pretty sure I’m a tad too old to be getting my first tattoo, but better late than covering up some young and dumb stuff I regret, right?