Frustration Revelations

It hurts my heart to see the people I once showed great admiration for become laughable, confused and directionless.

This world is filled with people who want to spout their opinions as facts and not be challenged. Minimally educated on the topics they speak so loudly and passionately about. God forbid you oppose their opinion, bruising the fragile ego that lies beneath.

When you come to grips with knowing your only obstacle is you, it either forces a greater focus or an admittance to not wanting to be a great as you think you are.

I want to be a lot of things. The biggest problem has been trying to be them all at one time. It’s time I slow down and methodically approach all of my life goals with no disruption.

It’s hard to tell when I’m forcing an issue or when God is moving in my life sometimes. I don’t want to fight for the wrong things or the wrong people. But what should I let happen?