Goal Analysis

Every opportunity won’t align with your ultimate goal…Say no to stay focused.

Camp From The Port Is Coming

So dig it…I’m working on creating a 3rd podcast. This is for the thinkers, dreamers and executors.

I’m going to be having conversations with some of my favorite people on social media, from sports, entertainment and real life.

I call the show “Camp From The Port” cause Before Shoohstopugh, The Captain, CamQuotes and any other name you might have heard before or called me by, I was “Big Camp” from Freeport, Illinois. Still called that by family members to this day. This is me building an extended family through podcast community and conversation. It’s a chance to show love, give flowers and inspire people no matter where they are currently in life.

It’s going to be video of every episode and I’ll also have an audio component as well. I have a YouTube Channel for the show and will be building a playlist for the content surrounding it.

The central Social Media home will be Instagram. Although it’s blank right now, I would like you to follow the IG page for the show. My first pieces of content surrounding the show will begin this weekend. It’s a perfect time! I’ll be back home in Freeport and I will be amongst a lot of family. I look forward to sharing with all of you the core of what makes me, me.

To Be Free…

I just want to be free
In control of my path and destiny
Able to search, go and roam as I please
No restrictions just God and Me

A caged bird will sing
A temporary tune
But will long to soar
Near the captivating moon
To be high above
A height known by only a few
Delighting in its ability to freely move

To be free
I want to be
Separated, detached, disconnected and unseen
Growing and changing at only my speed
Alone where my thoughts only effect me

What does it mean to be free?
Spiritually, Emotionally or Financially?
Is it the life of the party?
Or the lone man frolicking?

Maybe I am free
Free to escape in my mind
Take myself to many places
No explanation just reside

I long to be free…