Finally! Someone Gets My Personality!

Last week, I took a personality test. I skimmed the results and said, “Wow, that really does sound like me”; Interesting. I wanted to come back to it and really read everything it had to say. I wanted to because some of these online test are generic and it makes everyone feel “you know me” but in the end, it’s not as accurate as you would like it to be. Especially when the survey is free. However, after reading the entire breakdown Tuesday morning, I’m in awe of how well this personality test pegged me.

I say that because it gave some descriptions and labeled some paths that they literally don’t ask questions for. For years I have said, “I actually think I would be a cool ass guidance counselor and I could help a lot of young people.” It just so happens that some of the career paths that my personality type excel in is counselor. It didn’t stop there though. Writer who may have a popular blog, screenplay or be an author was there too. It was also said that the person of this personality type may pursue and excel in music. To sum it all up. I’ve had the idea or have done all of these things throughout my life.

What’s the personality type? INJF-A (Advocate). The breakdown is crazy. I literally saw flashes of good and bad work experiences, my true friends vs the ones I wouldn’t consider friends at all and it explained my role in some relationships. It also explained why everyone thinks “I would be great at sales” but I get anxiety about the job and end up not staying long in those positions or never 100% commit to them.

It was detailed that I want to buy the academy course now! I walk around being misunderstood so much that this was the information that I need to confirm I’m not as hard to deal with as people think. It also made me think that it might be good to understand myself on a different level to help with others understanding. Bottom line, I was enlightened. It was cool to really read about myself and understand why I am who I am. Definitely interested in learning more.