Plan Filled Thoughts

I just want to change and make changes. I want to accomplish all the small things as well as the major things that route my mind. I want to be active with purpose. I want to be intentional with my time.

Today is a day to make plans a reality. Why occupy reality without an executed plan?

Just Do It…Ok Done!

My mind is in an odd space and has been for quite a while. I’m needing that hack and change in routine on a new level. I need less opinion, commentary, but more focus and execution. I need to draw out a plan and do some positive forward moving things for me.

So, I deleted some of my Social Media Apps again. Something about October that makes me feel like I should do it. This may start becoming an annual thing. Last time I left and stayed gone for 30 days. This time, I’m not giving myself a time limit. I’m just going to leave and come back when I feel like it. I got so much on my mind and I got to process it and get it out. It’s so important to take care of yourself mentally and understand your thoughts feelings and emotions.

YouTube and WordPress for me until…Information and an outlet is all I need. Talk soon!

So What’s The Plan?

So, it’s been no secret that I have been trying to move out of IL since I moved back almost 3 years ago. Part of me wanted to pick a city, drive there and attempt to figure it out. As my passions have increased and ideas have evolved, I am once again not sure what to do.

I want to move, but I also want to start two businesses and get them running. I’m starting to think trying to find another job to move, is ridiculous. Maybe I should get these businesses off the ground where I am and then truly have the option of moving when I want so I can live how I want. Even as I type it becomes clear what I need to do.

Waiting for the “right job opportunity” could take me longer than launching a business. I’m sure it’s better to have a career that can move with me. Looks like it’s time to modify the plan.

Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

Staying Focused

The clock on 2017 is winding down. It’s easy to get lazy and fall into the trap of “cruise control into the new year” but I just can’t do it. I was going to post a year in review post, but not quite yet. I still have a very important goal that I want to cap off my 2017 and until that’s done, my 2017 isn’t over.

The good part about building new disciplines is you train yourself to do new things new ways and it opens up your life mentally, physically and with new perspective. You know what it’s like to change and evolve and be different from what you were. The bad part is when you fall off that discipline, you feel it and boy, does it hit hard!

I fell off my discipline of getting up at 5am. Sounds small, but it was bigger than I thought. In just a few short days, waking up at 6:30 or 7am vs 5am lead to me losing track of time, wondering where the day went and thus feeling like I truly accomplished nothing. That’s a terrible feeling. Even today as I woke up at 5, I still didn’t get moving till later in the hour. The good thing is I have at least gotten up with the notion to put in work, so I know the day is going to go smooth.

2017 is not over. Even if you’re prepping your 2018 just know, something major can happen in 23 days.


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