I Wanna Fly…

I Wanna Fly…
But have I strengthen my wings for that?
Has my disciplined qualified me
Am I everything that I see

I Wanna Fly…
But some hate, fear and misunderstand
Ridicule and set destructive plans
Negate the education to make amends

I Wish We Could Fly…
But you’d rather speak on lost feathers
How you couldn’t fly yesterday
Why I’m thinking of flying anyway

I’m Going To Fly…
Even if I have to alone
Soar to new heights on my own
Show great wingspan once I’m home
It’s not an escape
It’s the conquer my destiny’s owed
Cause one day I can’t fly
And my flock must leave me cold…


Wandering aimlessly on my unforeseen destined path
I just wish it made more sense
The haze and the light leave me wondering
Am I rising from a grave or traveling through a tunnel
Sleepless nights from my daydreams
Living nightmares if I don’t achieve
I’ve yet to see my promised land
Yet, I’ve asked many to follow me

See I just want to be better
The evolved butterfly
The softest sunrise
A Thunderstorms Rainbow
Elite and Imperial

The value of my life’s coals are priceless
Though you may only realize after hard times
I may crack under the pressure
But in the end I’ll shine

Better is more than a state of mind
It’s an ecstasy
A reoccurring climax
A spiritual soul feed

Let us feast on future fruit
Cause now very little is sweet
We harvest seed with passion
So better family sow can be reaped

It’s Cold Outside…

It’s Cold Outside…
These kids haven’t eaten all day
The mother’s trying her best
Cutting no corners to make a way
Holding together like the seam
Of her frayed and torn jean
Visioning the light to a world
Her heart has always seen…

It’s Cold Outside…
That man is homeless but not helpless
In fact he’s anything but selfish
Giving his last was truly that
Just understand he can never go back
It’s the pressures of wrong or right
Weighing in like the contender for the fight of his life
Seeing the prism of friends
And their cemetery conversations…

It’s Cold Outside…
Even when it’s 90 degrees
When it’s high noon and dry heat
Through the fog and humidity
Because of lack of humility
Loyalty and dignity

The voice of fallacy
The truth in reality
The sun setting on a last breath
The fight against the nights sleep
The misguided heart
The love of demise
The undetected joy or pain
When a tear floods the eye
See…It’s cold outside…

Tears of Survival…

Have you ever heard a War Cry?
How bout the aftermath
When the Warrior survives?

Pain over his face
Like a warm towel in the morning
Rinsing the spirit awake
With the hope of gaining
The world and much more in it

The yell that makes the soul cry
That tear long as the river
Flowing slow from the eye

The exhaustion from being battle tested
The drain of this human vessel
That doubles as a ruthless weapon
Made for Domination and Protection
The competition unprecedented
But still no match
For the conquerer and his quest

These are the Tears of Survival
The thrill of achievement
When others didn’t expect your arrival
The feel of accomplishment
The triumph and acknowledgement
That never say die
Because you gave all and never quit

The Hunt and The Win
The End for a New Begin
Cause the Battle’s with Life
Till The End
The Warrior cries
For the Joy of knowing he didn’t die
Yelling to the top of his lungs
Always Survive…

Maybe I…

Maybe I…
Took on too much too soon
Neglected the small things
In an effort to reach you

Maybe I didn’t think it all the way through
Stood still then collapse
And finally regrouped

Maybe I…
Killed myself
Treated me unfair
Sold you on a group
Of People not even there

Maybe I just want to be “Writer Bae”
Hold you with the words that I say
And my thoughts that’s at play

Maybe I…
Learned from that year away
Get back in media
But the right way
Flourish with new life, great.
Shiny and new is how I feel right now
The joy of being myself
Is all feels right now

Maybe I…
Tried to sell you
On a brand you never wanted
You always loved Cam
As is and I fronted

Door Closed?

It’s been so long since the last “real conversation”
I get it but I don’t
And maybe that’s my reservation
I feel things are unhinged
This era calls it “in your feelings”
But people feel things
That’s human compassion existing
That’s emotion and wanting a mending
That’s Pride to the side
Direct eye to eye
Communication that this world is missing

Things aren’t meant to be the same
They either grow or die
That’s a real revelation
No matter which party decides
In death there’s new life
In growth a new beginning
See both lead to greater days
It’s just one is continuing

One night on a short walk
I gave myself this life gem
When you know people don’t F–k with you
Let go of trying to F–k with them.