Good Morning!

Tomorrow morning, I officially unveil the title of my book! I’m so anxious to reveal the title that I’m not even sure why I’ve spent the first few days of this month being secretive, ha! As a new writer, I know I have to build some awareness. No one really knows who I am, so I got to talk myself up a bit to get people interested in the product. I’d rather the idea of promotion on social media than anything else, so this has actually been fun for me.

I have some ideas. Some that will give intrigue and still not give away too much of the books content. When the cover is finalized I will do more with that as well. The real work will start when the book is for sale. I don’t want to get too wrapped up into that though. The content will find it’s audience and I will appreciate that audience. I will interact and show love to them. They will be the reason many more books and projects come. For that reason alone, they can’t be taken for granted. I crave the organic build. I want it to be as natural and effortless as coming up with the compositions for #LIABD. I would like to get another person’s eyes on the content. Just to make sure there are no misspellings or “mixed words”.

Well enough rambling. LIABD are your first and final clues. Care to take a guess?

Title reveal comes tomorrow no matter what!

What Do You Do…

What do you do when there’s no love?
When you can’t feel that belonging or connection?
When everything you feel is hopeless
And everything you try is irrelevant

What do you do?
When patience doesn’t seem to be enough?
When the time either stands still or is tough?
When your dream isn’t as smooth
Because life has been real rough

What do you do when there’s no love?
Do you cry?
Do you hate?
Can you just move forward?

What do you do?

Make Rap Dreams…

Seen a post from Conway on IG
And Damn
I guess I’ll never meet Prodigy

Never meet the whole Tribe in their entirety
So we can all take a picture
With my first CD

I cried walking home from Church
The day Biggie died
Imagine Heavy D
Is one very cool guy

Still got time to tell Nas
He inspired my life
Working on LL
Meeting my Mom this time

And Also Mary J
Can’t Forget Daddy Kane
Hopefully 50 Cent
And Big Homey Jay

It’s so many to name
Like a great X verse
Me and Mico got to meet him
And recite all of his words

I’ll bring Unc along for that one too
I just want to make rap dreams
Before our time is due

I Get It Now…

I was trying to pour from an empty
But I get it now…

It’s ok to work on me first
Then trickle down
Starting cliques, Building Teams
With no solid foundation
All movement was mental
Cart and the horse misplaced, Yet…

It looked good on the surface
Meanwhile wonder “Why I ain’t popped”
And I’m nervous
Seem to me, recently
None of this was worth it
Almost gave up
Put my whole career in a hearse, Yes
But I was wrong…

I just had to revamp and evolve
Get a better version of the ground to stand on
Be me with no regard
Give them time to latch on
Understand the patience of time
And let the love help stand strong

So let’s see how this all goes down
New life, New focus
Feeling like I just came around
From my mind to your eyes
And soon your town

Cause I stopped pouring from that empty cup
And I get it now…


Did I take on too much?
Is this life really for me?
Am I right for this task?
Will I ever be those things?

I’m trying…
Struggling to grow
As the garden would
In barren soil

I know the feelings of the discounted
The mute and unrecognized
Wanting to be noticed
Acknowledged for more

I may be wrong forever
And forever is a long time
To heal or partition
In that crossroad I lie…

Will Shine…

What is life?
Are you prepared to survive it?

Have you felt pain?
Do you try hard to disguise it?

Many nights of hope
Same amount of days in sorrow
We trying to get it today
Can’t really depend on tomorrow

The phrase ain’t “Now or Next week”
The hungry don’t want to starve
We want to excel and reach peaks
Know the prominent path ain’t far

Last night…
I had a dream…
I burned my hand on a star

I woke up…
Started Beaming…
In my palm was a scar