Things We Say…

One day when there’s enough money or next time when it’s this sunny
Maybe next time, when I get my taxes. Possibly next time I’ll stop and grab it
I got to do that for sure. You’re the only one that I adore
We’re soulmates, I’m love struck
We’ll be real friends no matter what

I can’t stand you and I want you gone
I hate this shit, time to move on
Why does it always have to be like this
I’m okay, I’m fine, I’m pissed
Are you ever truly gonna be sick and tired of this shit?
You’re just gonna leave like that? You sat here and lied like this?

I loved you, I hate you, you meant the world to me
I liked you, you’re real, you’re who I aspired to be
That dream is now gone, my feelings are so strong
I’ll be here forever, it’s hard to move on

Pretty soon, right now, I can’t cause fear
I’m afraid, not now, eh, maybe next year…

Image by nile from Pixabay

I’m A Writer…

Behind this desk, I feel so caged
Not built for routines or ways mundane
I’m a writer…

Meant to explore this whole world
With my one life
To travel and express
To create and script life
I’m a writer…

A person to make you feel
Connect with my joy or pain
Give you the smile
Force you to think
Provide the phrase for your day
I’m a writer…

Not just for the pay, but the love
A fantasizer with a prize
Better yet a gift from above
I’m a writer…

Possibly trained but not taught
The language of the distraught
The peace after we’ve fought
I’m a writer…

So it’s time I live in that purpose
Societies conditions have me nervous
But no matter where I’ve ventured
Or path I’ve turned
I’m back to writer…

Cam Talk…

I don’t suffer in silence well
It’s hard to forget what’s been done to me
I think I love confrontation
There’s a thrill when “show and prove” is on me

I want power, freedom and control
I’ll give love, peace and comfort in return
I want the energy to remain
I want family and friends that don’t burn

I want to mean it
I want to understand
I’m here to excel
And collect what I demand

I’m here cause I belong
The journey still incomplete
My preparation under the radar
My movement explained to me

Stay protected and out of the way
Grow and be what you see
Words said to myself
As I grow to understand me

Image by Yuri_B from Pixabay

The Drain Phase…

Sometimes the energy to smile is too much
They ask for my vibrance and flame
But I am snuffed
Too much peopling for me today
I’m up
No disrespect to an of you
But enough’s enough

Let me rejuvenate
Restore in my space
Release the thoughts that swirl
Attempt to meditate
When you want me around
The standard is great
But it’s impossible for me
To deliver that every day

Yo momma said cut the game off
You running up the “lectric bill”
And it’s getting hot

Your phone down to 5%
It will get to green faster
If you plug in the charger
With no text or talk

When you couldn’t find your keys
Left your wallet somewhere
Got caught on the door handle
Tripped and fell over there

You had a lot going on
And all you had to hear
Was, just stop…

Now everything’s clear.

Image by Thanks for your Like • donations welcome from Pixabay

Low Moves…

One step at a time
With execution on my mind
I journey to my visions design

Alone in peace
No tagalong, no speech
Aligned in the purpose I started with
That’s me…

Me free and alone
Knowing full well, where I’ll go
No need to promote this show
Just go…

Go and proceed
No audience to feed
Just step quietly
And flee…

Flee with purpose and plan
No dissertation on why I am
Make my movement a privilege to have
Amongst few…

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay


I just want to be myself…
No brand or persona
No idea or theory
No need to sell the visual
Just as I am, me.

Is that feasible for my dreams?
Can I really be me?
Is it possible that I’m still desirable
When it’s only the core they see?

Can I not post frequently
Not joke a tee-he-he
“Fake love” in every comment section
And still be allowed to “Be”

I want to keep my family private
Be explicit with my speech
Smoke on occasion
Be an unfiltered freak

I’m not asking if it’s cool
I’m asking if I can exist
Will it make you feel away?
Can I not talk my shit?

I just want to be myself…
It starts with living my own mind
The internet isn’t life
But maybe we’ll meet one time

Image by JL G from Pixabay