Maybe I…

Maybe I…
Took on too much too soon
Neglected the small things
In an effort to reach you

Maybe I didn’t think it all the way through
Stood still then collapse
And finally regrouped

Maybe I…
Killed myself
Treated me unfair
Sold you on a group
Of People not even there

Maybe I just want to be “Writer Bae”
Hold you with the words that I say
And my thoughts that’s at play

Maybe I…
Learned from that year away
Get back in media
But the right way
Flourish with new life, great.
Shiny and new is how I feel right now
The joy of being myself
Is all feels right now

Maybe I…
Tried to sell you
On a brand you never wanted
You always loved Cam
As is and I fronted

Door Closed?

It’s been so long since the last “real conversation”
I get it but I don’t
And maybe that’s my reservation
I feel things are unhinged
This era calls it “in your feelings”
But people feel things
That’s human compassion existing
That’s emotion and wanting a mending
That’s Pride to the side
Direct eye to eye
Communication that this world is missing

Things aren’t meant to be the same
They either grow or die
That’s a real revelation
No matter which party decides
In death there’s new life
In growth a new beginning
See both lead to greater days
It’s just one is continuing

One night on a short walk
I gave myself this life gem
When you know people don’t F–k with you
Let go of trying to F–k with them.


Which way is up?
I heard happiness and success there
I been down so long
I couldn’t point you the way out of there
Whether I was right or left
A direction was made
Look to the heavens for guidance
After the hellish of days
I been around
So it’s difficult to stay in my place
My train of thought is to soar
Look fly while rolling away
No reverse in my mind
That detour closed anyway

I been into it and out of it
Stuck on how to find a quick
Outing and I’m shouting
While I follow in the distance
It’s intense
But this is no sprint
So I’m hesitant
To pick up speed
Just to say that I finished quick

I’m trapped between the world of a loner and a leader
Do I pull those who follow
Or continue my own beat cause
My journey for completion
Has not reached it’s peak but
It’s people in my life that’s depending on me
Life’s compass and my mind don’t connect
I didn’t want to be here
My decisions what lead
So now I must make up my mind
And release it to something greater
Was never running alone
Just acknowledged the run together

Working Pains…

Busting my back just to get by is not fly
You’re better than this and deserve more
What I say as each hour goes by
I can’t get paid and be happy?
Sure you can, but are you trying?
Did you really go after what you wanted
Even when you were denied it?

Does the love of your craft excite you?
Make the pain go away?
If you love it with all it’s flaws
You should be doing that thing
Enough of the struggle
Enough of the pain
Enough of maintaining
And just finding a way

My joints are sore
My Back is tight
I just.. motion through days
And pray through nights
It’s like.. the bills appear
No end in sight
We haven’t.. ate all day
This don’t feel right

Why do I have any days like this?
They said get degrees and learning “this”
Make the dream exist
Then why am I here pissed?
Because I didn’t take time to realize
Those who told me their wish
Didn’t live the experience

Live is serious
And it’s one chance to shine like Michael’s glove
Do “you” for the people and the things you love
The Blueprint to success is a commitment
To not be spiritually robbed
And at all cost
Make happiness a full time job.

If I Could…

If I could put it into words would you read it?
I could put it in a picture could see then
Invite me into a place you believe in?
Show me the things in your life that keep you breathing?

If I could take away the pain would prescribe?
Build a union together
Start our own tribe
Be up to see the truth
While the world lies
On the surface
While we soar amongst the blue skies

If I could I would connect every time
If I should means you accept and reply
I just would because a could just implies.
A could and should would never be justified…

I Shouldn’t Be Concerned But…

I Shouldn’t Be Concerned But…

It bothers me that we don’t talk and the vibe is far from cool
That I know your least concern is our relationship
And you biggest concern is being perceived as a fool
Do those with a birds eye view that you rarely speak to matter?
My guess is, Yes
As I live outside the bubble
Viewing but no longer hearing the laughter

I’m not sure if I watch with envy or disgust
Not sure if I admire or lust
Not sure if it’s “just me” or is it “we” and “us”
My concerns can’t be you
Be cause you don’t concern yourself with me
So my new concern is questioning
Why can’t you let things be?

I shouldn’t be concerned…

But what’s a leader to do?
When the success around his loved ones
Is distant and minimal
We are raised thinking we’re less than and criminal
Fighting for light
In a path with traps that’s dismal
Just to be considered equal
Intelligent, worthy and peaceful
With a pride that’s misinterpreted
By oppressive eyes through a peephole
See the visions not seen, Bro
Only the face magnified but not keen though
How can I not be concerned?
I have a family out here to speak for.

I shouldn’t be concerned…

But concern brings passion and change
It develops the pictures of life’s way
It breeds ideology and healed pain
When you care, you do
And actions spread
We’re hungry for knowledge
But we all “Knead The Bread”
How strong was your meal?
Would you mind it being your last?
Are you content with how you feel?
Will it waste out with your gas?
Why aren’t you concerned?
Take your time after the ask
Cause some answers need a voice
That’s better in the act