Affirmations are Real!

…Affirmations are real!

Tell yourself great things. Put your wants and desires out in the universe. Pray. Believe in your prayers. Internalize everything before you point a finger…Love.

Where I Want To Be

I want to be around the people that constantly dream big wit no limitations.

I want the freedom to “be” with no feedback or dialogue.

I want to be with the minds and spirits that connect with mine.

I want to be greater than I ever imagined

I want…

Unstoppable Affirmation

Everyday look in the mirror or take a moment to close your eyes and visualize….

Visualize the vice, that experience that less than stellar moment in your life or that person.

Focus, take a deep breath and tell that thing “You Can’t Stop Me!!!” You never can and you never could! You were never in control of my destiny. You were never a decider of my fate. You are powerless. There is no space or opportunity for you in my world. I am greater than the hold you think you have on me.

I can’t be stopped! And YOU. CAN’T. STOP. ME!!!

Have a great day! Be an unstoppable force today! Love.

A Discipline Affirmation

The next thing I need to master in my life is Emotional Intelligence.

I must keep myself in control at all times. I must not let people or the world get to me.

Nothing can take me off my game.

Nothing can get me off my square.

God and I are in control of me

This affirmation starts a stronger path to the ultimate goal.

Have a great day!