Don’t give up now
Just keep pushing
Don’t worry
Everything is actually fine
And getting better
You’re still alive
You’re still moving forward
You have real goals
You just have to realize
That everyday won’t be great
Don’t get down
Don’t get depressed
Just keep pushing
You want to be a multi-millionaire doing what you love right?
Well, you’re almost there
You are sacrificing
You are surviving
You are grateful
You want to do well for better intentions
That’s why you shouldn’t worry
You’re not selfish
You have love and show love
You have empathy
Because not many have lived like you
Yet, you understand many have it worse
So don’t give up
Do this for no one but yourself
Get the life you see
Get the life you earn
Talk soon man

The Power In Me…

I succeed. Because of the power in me
That’s why, I’m everything I’d thought I’d be
This life. Is everything I already seen
That’s how, I know I’m ready and about to achieve

Believe it or not, it’s all energy
Constant synergy
With the mission being
Use words, spread love
And overcome everything
See where you’re really at
Know where you want to be
Ignore every circumstance
Your mind lies the destiny

When you know what you want to be
Go out and work at the dream
That dream is then your goal
The goal breeds reality
The road isn’t smooth
But that’s why your imagining
Thoughts keeps you living
When the journey gets staggering

I succeed. Because of the power in me
How could I ever do that if I’d never seen
I write the life I live and the one foreseen
Cause I want the power in you
Like the power’s in me.