New Understanding, Same Direction

The independent content game is a lot like the independent music game. It takes money to be seen and when you don’t have it it’s hard to breakthrough. Conversation will change based on your association and it’s important that you leverage your association and use your money wisely so your brand can be built positively so people can experience the product.

Those are my thoughts as I try to figure out what’s next. I had some goals for 2019 that now may not fit my ultimate mission based on conversations that happened last week. I want to be seen and taken seriously. I want growth and great branding. I know how to do it and it’s caused some heavy re-evaluation.

Right now it’s all about praying on the situation. I’m letting go and just living in the moment and process. Expect an unexpected but much needed move from me soon. Cause everything I do, must be bigger than it was last year.