Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: It’s Mic Jonez Birthday! [Yea Hoe]

It’s Mic Jonez Birthday today so it’s only right we kick it off with his personal B-Day playlist and his song of the day. We also talk Drake’s new video God’s Plan and how it made Cam cry a little bit. What do we expect from Wale now that him and Atlantic have parted ways?

Master P, Jay, Baby or Suge? Who would you want to be your label head in the early 2000’s?

All that and why Pac’s influence is greater than Chief Keef on this week’s #BanginOnLunchTables! Yea Hoe!

First Black Champ: Are We Walking With Elias Or Nah?

Elias is getting over on Cena every week! It’s great but who’s spot is he taking? What does the WWE Smackdown Top 10 really mean and should they keep doing it? We try to make sense of the women’s division as it stands right now and we fall for the Booker T-Corey Graves beef like everyone else! You get great hypotheticals though. All that and GuaranDAMNtees from just J.R Bang this week on the #FirstBlackChamp Podcast.

Praying Revelations

This weekend I took a moment to really look inside myself and see how empty I’ve been without living in my passion and purpose. I sat, prayed and just talked to God about what I’m doing and what I want to do. What I got was answers to questions that I didn’t really know I was asking.

Without giving away too much right now, I understand that one bad experience doesn’t mean everything will forever be bad. It doesn’t mean that every person and every entity will operate the same way. I can’t let the actions of a few be a representation of all. I didn’t dedicate time, energy and sacrifice so much just to leave with nothing or to be on the outside looking in.

So I’m going for it. It’s time to impact with my contribution. It’s time that I really prove that I belong because I am intangible in every way.

I don’t go to church. I don’t even consider myself a Christian or any religion for that matter. However, when I talk to God and I pray to God. He provides me with calm and answers. All I ever want is answers. This last talk helped me realize that I need to go deeper into living in my purpose. How I need to go forward, keep fighting and understand that it won’t come easy because I want to be great. I think and move with the soul of a rebel to blaze a trail for a revolution. Those are the people who not much is given to, but everything is earned and rightfully deserved. I want to fight the fight and earn. So I have to pick up my sword, spit the blood from my mouth and take full charge at what I know is mine. This is only round 2.

God, Thank You. I can do nothing without your guidance.

Goal Execution Revelation

Yesterday, many things fell into place. I thought about the success I want and what was the most effective way to get it. It lead me to an understanding of doing what I’ve been doing just on a greater scale and to the right people.

In the past if I was working on my website or building up a feature for a website, I would be reaching out to “anyone” and everyone in an effort just to populate the platform. My thought was, if it exist and it’s populated, people will come. The problem with that is what I had looked good, but it was still virtually unknown. Which stunted growth and the opportunity for funding and maximum exposure. Same thing with working in radio. The unsigned homegrown talent wants to be seen, but many feel “oh the radio station knows me. I can stop working” or they feel that they should be pushed in front of “the right people” to make them more successful. That mentality doesn’t help the platform that’s trying to elevate.

Now, I’m running a radio station. It’s geared towards nostalgia and saluting the legendary men and women of hip-hop. Although I’ve populated a great deal of the station with my own CD Collection, there is still a lot of music I’m missing. Outside of music, I also want to create fresh new content with these people. It was while thinking all of this that it sunk in that we can both equally help each other.

They provide me with the music and content that I want to create. I provide them a platform that will support them every time they come to Chicago and when they leave. The corporate terrestrial stations don’t always show love or want to show love to the legends and pioneers of hip-hop because “they don’t have a big enough hit record” and an opportunity is missed. Many of these men and women are creating new music, going on tour and still doing very well within the industry. That needs to be highlighted for the audience that is looking for it. I have the platform for that audience.

So what did I start doing last night? Sending DM’s to every single legend that I want to talk to and get music from. Already got one contact number off of a FB post. My goal is to connect with a minimum of 50 before the year ends. I have now have the recipe. It’s time to cook.

Give the station a listen. If I say so myself, it’s pretty dope!

I’m A Program Director

It’s been an exciting time in my radio life. I decided to take on a new challenge that I only know of and not much about. A task that I never got a chance to learn about from a veteran in the world of radio. That task is being a Program Director for a radio station.

My station is online/streaming. It’s on the TuneIn app as well. The station is called Logik Classic. It’s the only hip-hop station putting culture first. I gave it that tag because that is my aim. Urban Hip-Hop radio feels so stagnant to me. A lot of the stations play the exact same songs all in an effort to reach a specific person, so said person can listen to company ads and spend money with that company. I get it. That’s how stations make their money. I just don’t like that the variety is non existent. It doesn’t speak to the people who really live and love the culture. So I’m taking it upon myself to fill that void.

As I learn this broadcasting system, bare with me. I’m literally learning on the fly and have been deferring everyday and listening in an effort to learn. Adding all the music. Structuring the time and thinking of content to add. It’s a task and thank God I don’t have to do it alone. First few days have been rough, but wait for what’s next!  My current woe is getting the system to play at least half of the songs I have in the system. Got to get that down before I add more and I have a lot more to add. What a time to want change in the wild world of radio!