Project Pat “If You Ain’t From My Hood”

Still out to get paid down for lucha libre
F**k all the bullsh*t and he say she say

– Project Pat

Bangin On Lunch Tables: A Million Content Lies

The Only Slim Shady LP Anniversary Conversation – 4:30
– Why was it not celebrate heavy or at all?
– 20 years later, it’s classic – 17:15
– Eminem “Content” analysis – 18:30
– Big L, Big Pun, Eminem in 98-99 – 25:20

The T-Pain Conversation – 38:36
– New Album
– Give Him His Flowers Now!

The 2 Chainz Conversation – 51:48
– The LeBron Album
– The overrating by “new/casual fans”

The Content Hoax – 1:02:50

Why Compelling Artist Content Matters – 1:14:40
– Cam listens to Mozzy
– Offset Interview > Offset Album

Do you know how difficult it is to sell 1 million? – 1:29:00

The Evolved and Rebranded ATL Rappers – 1:41:15
J.R. Bang is scared for the 2019 Hip-Hop Year – 1:51:48

Final Words 2:02:42

Bangin On Lunch Tables: Jewelry with Mike MFN Love

We have a great episode with the Radio OG and Legend Mike MFN Love this week. We talk about men maybe being too hard on Women in Hip-Hop.

We also talk about the game and how it’s built to phase people out. Mike then drops real jewelry on the Chicago music scene and some key do’s and don’ts while you trying to navigate in the Windy City.

All that, much more and Cam getting Mike Love to share a Coke or a Fight story on this special #BanginOnLunchTables episode!

Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: Takshi 6ix9ine Pulling Hoe Cards

This week talk the Wendy’s Mixtape and Killer Mike and his recent statement on the student March and Gun Control. We talk about Tekashi 6ix9ine and how he out here pulling hoe cards and how it’s a reflection of the OG’s not messing with the youth.

Then we cover rappers and criticism, get into Mic Jonez final word and it leads to the DMX Album Challenge. Find out what that means when you listen to the #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!