Bangin On Lunch Tables: How Many Superstars Must Get Dissed?

If you put Nicki in the same studio with 30 of the Top Mainstream Rappers in the industry, how great would she do? We answer that question and deep dive into the many layers of it.

Then Cam raises the controversial issue of Peter Rosenberg and how he feels about him educating young black males on Hip-Hop.

It’s almost 3 hours of the greatest hip-hop podcast in the world! The #BanginOnLunchTables podcast

Bangin’ On Lunch Tables: Rappers Will Beat Yo Ass Tho

This week we give Jay Electronica stans a few seconds of our time….

We then talk Bizzy Bone’s rant if Migos really sound or are trying to sound like Bone Thugs N Harmony. Who should Bizzy really blame? Who can Troy Ave work with after he decides to snitch? We attempt to answer those questions and talk what should be expected from Sremlife 3.

Cam also starts week 1 of “Is It Still A Classic?” with Eric B and Rakim, Dr. Dre and Raekwon on this weeks Bangin’ On Lunch Tables podcast!