The Rebuild, Redeem and Campaign of I

My latest challenge has strapped me with the task of highlighting the good parts of “old me” with the repackaging of “evolved me” to potentially start at square one to get next level.

And if anyone can do it, I can.

The campaign I’m on in this space of my life, is literally the make or break for my future. With greater knowledge, understanding and self awareness, I know I can show who I was and who I am at a high level that many wouldn’t believe.

Cause if Anybody can do it, I can.

I’m too old to be in the potential phase. I’m too good to let small things defeat me. I’m way better than the negative opinions formed against me. The one thing I’ve learned is having no shame in starting over or starting from the bottom. I’ve survived and persevered where most would lay down and die. Where many quit and don’t find a reason to keep going. And I’m still not done. See this is only the beginning. I have a lot of work ahead of me, internally, externally and in every angle imagined.

I’m more than ready to prove that I can.

Sometimes to prove you’re a true leader, you have to fall on the sword that you handcrafted. It’s going to hurt, but you must endure and understand why, to be stronger than you’ve ever been.

Who’s ready to do that? I am.