A New Sacrifice

I’m officially on day 31 of thinking about what to do with my life. I’m refreshed, I’m clear and my overall demeanor is focused. This is all in the wake of a lot of lost, misfortune and expectations not being met this year.

I’m thinking about my goals and the life I see for myself and honestly, I believe there is one more sacrifice to make. This one may be deemed so crazy that I don’t even want to share in detail here. What’s clear right now is there’s nothing standing in my way and no one has the opportunity to talk me out of what’s in my mind. That may be the scenario that I’ve truly been asking for all this time.

What’s very real is my podcasts, magazines and shirts are what I want to do with my life. Every investment I can make to those is a great benefit. The question that remains is, how much of a sacrifice am I willing to put towards all of it? How uncomfortable am I willing to be? How much am I willing to put on the line to show how much I believe? I think I’ve found a new level that I am willing to go for all the above. There are still things I want. There’s a new level of sacrifice to get them. Every sacrifice is not meant to be understood or explained; So I won’t. I’m just going to plan and pray. My gut is telling me to step out on faith and do something that I don’t think many people around me could or would do. And maybe that’s all the reason why I have to make it happen.


It’s 2020 for real today. No, I’m not going to waste time with a cliche vision parallel.

What I will say is this. I made 10 very realistic goals. Those goals all align with my passions and purpose. It’s going to take great discipline and impeccable dedication. With that in place, I could really get everything I want before summer ends. So I got to get to work.

I’m looking at this goal list this morning and I truly understand that if I complete 1, 5 or all 10 task that it was something I did or didn’t do. My fate is firmly in my own hands and I got to do something with it. I like the feeling though. This lets me know that my mind is shifting and I’m breaking away from a conditioned uniform mentality and I am holding myself accountable for my lifestyle. Not a company or another person; Me. Every single month of this year should get me closer to my goals.

So let’s get to work! The better side of life, is on the other side of sacrifice.

Pissed Off Prophecy

Between reading my goals last night and waking up this morning, I increased my fire for change. I took September more serious than probably any other month in the last few years as far as my health goes. I want this achievement so bad that it literally made me think to myself and say out loud.

“If I weight 235lbs or more at the end of this month and look the same…I’ll be pissed!”

That statement came after being asked if I wanted pretzels or chips from the store. My response was “Honestly Neither”. It’s a cycle thing. I don’t want to get into the cycle of heavy carb consumption and not monitoring what I put in my body. I want to continue this great workout I received and keep seeing and feeling those constant gains. I really want the lifestyle change that I have been chasing and failing at for over 10 years.

As I increase my knowledge, create goals and challenge myself through monthly disciplines, it’s a reminder that I can do anything! The question is am I really down to put in the work and make the sacrifices needed to get what I want. Now more than ever in life I can answer, “Hell Yeah I do! LET’S GET TO IT!

The goal is still 215 by December 31st. 27 more days to let the work speak for itself.

Full Circle Perspective

Yesterday was very draining emotionally. I took myself down quite a few notches. I went to a place I honestly thought I wouldn’t be again, but I needed it. I needed it because of the self reflection aspect. The puzzle pieces I put together clarified the picture I want to see for my life.

If I can’t lose 40 pounds by NYE, then I can’t save at least $20 a month. If I can’t do either of those, then I won’t be able to take family trips or complete projects I’ve started. These things are all lifestyle based and rooted in discipline. They can be done simultaneously, but it all starts with wanting those things more than anything else. It will be sacrifice on the way to these goals. I will have to think about tomorrow’s finish line before I give in to today’s desire. It’s a tedious journey and every single day counts.

Yesterday, I sat wondering what my passions are and how can I profit. At the same time wanting to leave the position I was in physically, mentally and emotionally. I was clouded and jaded. Disappointed and a shell of myself. I became very mad at myself for the position I have put myself in. What is clear this morning is that nothing was going to get solved in that moment. No positive breakthrough was going to come while being in that place. A clear positive, conscious mind is the only thing that can spark appropriate growth. I’m in better spirit today. I will move as such. Answers will come and I will make things happen. I want so much, but haven’t sacrificed enough to get it. Since that is understood, it’s time to execute as such.

Image by smailies from Pixabay

Killing My Consumption

It’s all money in like a Brinks Truck. And no money out like a prenup – J-Stone

I need to stop spending. I spent a lot of money in May and just being honest, it got me further away from my goal. I have 2 businesses that I need to start immediately, if I’m going to quit my job and enter the land of self empowerment. That’s not going to happen if I keep spending on lunches, dinners and other peoples businesses. I have no problem keeping everyone else’s businesses thriving. Me…different story. I’ll be honest with you; I’m scared to even add up all the money I’ve spent the first half of the year. Something tells me I probably spent exactly what I need if not more and I just don’t want that slap in the face today.

I really have to discipline myself and stop my over consuming ways. I know for sure $2,000 could at least get both of my business “legal” so I can at least talk about them in public. However, it’s nothing to talk about if I’m going to spend all my “disposable income” on things that don’t matter to me as much as creating my own opportunities.

So today I begin focusing on a minimalist mindset. Spending on needs and saving for true wants. To break my unfulfilling “worker bee” cycle, I got to make the sacrifices that will assure I work for me. It’s the second half of 2019 and the right sacrifices can get me exactly what I want before the ball drops. Time to make it happen.

Image by Jake Heckey from Pixabay