Chris Hogan on The Dave Ramsey Show

Need outweighs opinion all day everyday

-Chris Hogan

Killing My Consumption

It’s all money in like a Brinks Truck. And no money out like a prenup – J-Stone

I need to stop spending. I spent a lot of money in May and just being honest, it got me further away from my goal. I have 2 businesses that I need to start immediately, if I’m going to quit my job and enter the land of self empowerment. That’s not going to happen if I keep spending on lunches, dinners and other peoples businesses. I have no problem keeping everyone else’s businesses thriving. Me…different story. I’ll be honest with you; I’m scared to even add up all the money I’ve spent the first half of the year. Something tells me I probably spent exactly what I need if not more and I just don’t want that slap in the face today.

I really have to discipline myself and stop my over consuming ways. I know for sure $2,000 could at least get both of my business “legal” so I can at least talk about them in public. However, it’s nothing to talk about if I’m going to spend all my “disposable income” on things that don’t matter to me as much as creating my own opportunities.

So today I begin focusing on a minimalist mindset. Spending on needs and saving for true wants. To break my unfulfilling “worker bee” cycle, I got to make the sacrifices that will assure I work for me. It’s the second half of 2019 and the right sacrifices can get me exactly what I want before the ball drops. Time to make it happen.

Image by Jake Heckey from Pixabay