Gratitude for My Level of Wealth

Randomly this week, I’ve had this thought on my mind…

I’ve been broke for a long time. I’ve changed jobs, career paths, schools. Then I started changing my attitude, mindset and focus.

I won’t act like much has changed, but it has definitely made me realize that I need to have gratitude for all the things that I do have. I can only acquire more if I truly appreciate everything that is in my current reality. Recognizing the wealth of having a family, a well functioning mind, and an able body that can take me anywhere I want to go. Those are major blessings that I take for granted. I am wealthy beyond many peoples wildest dreams just for those things alone.

Yes, monetary wealth would be great, but I really need to appreciate the wealth that I already posses while living my one life.

I Really Am “Somebody”

I got a text yesterday from an artist asking me to be apart of their process of crafting their next project. Extremely humbled by the offer, I was taken back and laughed and said “Wow, cats really think I can get them to the next level. I ain’t nobody.” My wife obviously didn’t like that I said that as she countered with “Yes you are and you need to stop saying that!”

That small interaction and statement impacted my night and morning. I started realizing that I had so much I wanted to do and achieve. Thought about how I really do want to help others and contribute to success. Then it sunk in that none of that can be done if “I’m nobody.” That lead me to think that maybe that is truly why I haven’t reached a lot of the milestones I see in my mind. Perhaps me thinking I’m nobody special has lead to limitations on some very special things in my life. With those thoughts going through my mind, it became crystal clear that I have to speak new and greater life into myself even in situations like the above.

To be great and impactful you have to believe it first. You have to think you are great, special and “somebody.” Nobody can love and believe in you more than you. I lost sight of that but never again. From this day forward, I will always be “Someone consistently doing great things.” I really am “somebody.”