Tides Turn…

Man, how the tide can turn
The world of social media
Can turn reality upside down
The quest for likes shares and follows
Attention, acknowledgement and praise

Filters washing the blemishes
Photoshop clearing the haze
Too much consumption
Will put your mind in an ugly place

The girl that once confidently stood
On the please don’t inbox
And Never is when I would
Will be in the reactions and thread
Of that very same man
Cause that recognition feels too good

That man that shoots his shot
Like open gym with no attendees
Is ridiculed, screenshot and posted
Until his wedding day pics with his queen

Man, how the tide can turn
How the emotion changes or fades
A world that promotes you should post consistently
While humans evolve any hour in a day

Renewed, Restored, Revamped

Today like a cool breeze on a hot and humid day, I was actually inspired to get back on social media to post and engage. All platforms too! As I try to rebuild myself as a writer, it’s important I start building an audience. I do a lot of creating, but I essentially don’t have a supporting core that is ready to receive all my creations. I have to put in a real effort to create that.

I have to start using social media as the tool it is truly meant to be. I don’t have to be bombarded with the opinions and negativity to the point it drains me. I can simply, create, post, interact and leave. I don’t want to get caught in the rabbit hole that is mindless scrolling until I am dangerously unproductive, but I can not miss the opportunity to build a supportive consumer base to super serve with content, product and free gifts!

Now…it’s time to do things that I think are cool and that I enjoy.

Socially Me

So I did it. I officially changed all my social handles. And you’re right; So what!

My episode of “Camp From The Port” with Jade had me in deep reflection. I was literally asking myself questions like “Who am I on social media for?” “Is this who and what I want to be?” “Am I forcing the issues of Brand Building?” “Am I authentically me on these platforms everyday?”

The answers were cloudy. Then I thought back to being home in Freeport. That energy and love. Who I was recognized as and how I was in my “resource” purpose. All of a sudden “CamQuotes” felt more like a product than a person. Cam is a person. Camp is a person. CamQuotes is merchandise, thought provoking words and ideas. So I decided I would make a redirection. I will continue in the Social World as I do in the real world as “Camp From The Port”. That’s literally who I am. I want to be me. I’m no longer subscribing to the “character” or “personality” angle. That’s not me. I got too wrapped up in being a digital media personality and although great content came from it, nothing has felt better than the times I said, “I’m going to do some shit I want to do”

This site started off with a bang because people loved the transparency, openness and artistry of what was being posted. Will I change the name? Right now, no because it honestly still makes sense.

First Black Champ with J.R. Bang works and feels good because we are truly die hard wrestling fans and it’s fun for us to talk about it in our own way.

Bangin On Lunch Tables with Mic Jonez works because we are hip-hop babies. We love and live the culture and we express ourselves passionately about it.

With all the above an organic, authentic name change was bound to happen. The best nicknames are the ones that are given. I was given “Camp” at birth. The Port is where I’m from. Freeport, Illinois is nothing like Chicago and I’ve never been embarrassed to be where I’m from because I know the person that I am and I can find comfort in any zip code.

Technically, social media isn’t even built for people like me. The latchkey. The loner. The person that can only be around people for so long before needing that escape to be alone with their own thoughts. My focus is on greater things than “building a following”. And being honest, social media hasn’t gotten me closer to any of the things that I am truly after.

So with that said, Cam will keep quoting, but I’ll always be Camp From The Port. And that is perfectly find with me.

Let’s Change Some Things…Again.

Over the last 36 hours, I have been done and spent. I don’t want to use Social Media as the developer intended anymore. I’m tired of captions, hashtags, setting appointments and posting at “the right time of day” to build a following and get engagement. It’s just no longer something that is a concern for me and “my brand”. At this point, people follow, like and share or they don’t and to be real, I don’t want to pay for attention right now. It’s not going to stop the work I’m putting in no matter what. The work is what makes me happy. Not the stats the work produces.

Speaking of “My Brand”; I’m over trying to build one. At least consciously. There’s an episode of Camp From The Port coming up that speaks on authenticity and the value, strength and comfort of being yourself. Taking a step away from this world of social media, being with family in my hometown and having conversations for the show have really helped me mentally in so many ways. I’m embarking on another change. The change has me excited about interaction. The change will keep me on social media but also give my core clarity.

I’m done creating new pages and accounts every time I have an idea. One man came up with these ideas. My problem is structuring. I create so much and am not sure where all of it can and should go. What’s certain is that the only thing that should define me is my name. That name breeds the products and those products can be promoted. I’m my own hub. I’m not here to build several followings. I’m here to give my gift of creation to the world. It’s should be a one way street for that.

I’ll make it all make sense soon.

What’s my social dysfunction?

I want to delete all my social media.

At least that’s what I’ve been telling myself the last few days. I keep saying delete everything and start over. Then when I think I’m about to do it, I start thinking “what if I need it?”

Then my brain says “need what?” Then I reply the post from years ago? Of course I respond with “why would you need that?”

To save you all the cycle of this round and round conversation everything is still up. “Letting go” in some respects isn’t a strong suit for me. I get too wrapped up in the “what if I need” aspect sometimes and it results into my “hoarding tendencies”. It’s probably not right or healthy but I’m not sure how to get over it.

Do I delete my main social accounts and start over? Do I change, revamp and merge them? Is it just better to leave for a while and comeback when this is all clear? Let’s hope the answer comes soon.

Image by ErikaWittlieb from Pixabay