A Father’s Dilemma

Every father hopes his daughter doesn’t become one of the women he lusts after on social media…

A Self Doubting Social Cleanse

Maybe…Just maybe…I need to not doubt myself and just do what I need to do.

The words I said to myself after I got off the phone with a social media manager and a good friend. After the conversation with the Social Media Manager, my instant thought was, I didn’t learn anything from this conversation. I didn’t feel like I was getting a service I couldn’t provide for myself. Grant it, this person has a very active social media account. Definitely making waves in her field and definitely knows what she’s doing. The thing that was left out of the equation was, so do I. After that conversation, I reaching out to my homey for an “Am I tripping or Nah?” conversation and he let me know, “yeah, you tripping”. Then, I had a great conversation with my young homey, gave him a social campaign that he was absolutely in love with and then it all became clear. I don’t need help with this. I just need to remember who I am.

Who am I? A person who helped a terrestrial radio market cluster have 4 stations in the Top 10 for social media engagement for the city of Indianapolis. Those stations beat some national TV stations. One of the accounts was the number 1 IG account in the city of Indianapolis. I know exactly what I’m doing. It’s time for me to show that I know.

That brief moment of self doubt had me questioning my ability and ready to empty out my bank account. All because my numbers and engagement went flat. When I realized that bits and pieces of my outline for my social campaign were being said back to me, I wondered exactly what I was doing and why? It also made me realize that I did all the right things for the company that paid me, but never really did them at full scale for myself. It’s time to start doing for myself.

What’s my plan? First, a Social Media Cleanse. I’m going to delete everything that doesn’t make sense with my rebrand. Bad pictures, random pictures, things that I’m just not a fan of seeing up anymore. All of it has to go. That’s going to take some time, so that’s all I’ll share for now. Well that and making it a point to find great people that engage consistently on the platform.

Never doubt your ability. Especially when it’s something you’ve been successful at before.

Art Is Found

I’m back on Social Media and one thing that hasn’t changed is the way artist try to promote their music. I came back to notifications of “Lil Trying to Get On” tagged you in this photo or video. Like most people I didn’t check and not even sure how I got tagged or messaged for that matter.

I remember the days of asking people to “click the link” and “check me out”. I remember thinking, “man none of my so called real friends and family mess with me.” I know of the feelings of thinking that no one wants to support you doing something positive and trying to make something out of yourself. Unfortunately, it’s always going to hurt; Like forever it’s going to hurt. It’s going to continue to hurt too. That is until you realize one thing. People find the art. The art doesn’t find the people.

Outside of an unexpected handful of actual friends and family, the bulk of my praise for anything I’ve done artistically has come from strangers. Sure your core will initially support heavy. But you’re not supposed to brand, market and sell yourself to the people that already know you. That’s all done for the purpose of those that don’t. Whether it’s music, photography, videography, writing, painting even if you’re making friendship bracelets. It’s better for your heart and mind when the people find it. Not when you force feed it to the people.

Using my life as an example. Some of the biggest headaches of my creative life came when I was “trying to sell my art” to people. When I was pushing CD’s I was lowering the price as low as 3 dollars just to get people to listen. I was trying to give away shirts and anything tangible in exchange for feedback on my music and it was mentally draining. On the flip, nothing felt better than my mom or my uncle randomly hitting me up quoting a line. Nothing was as cool as my homegirl telling me “my brother took your CD. He thinks you’re the coolest guy ever now”. Even the slightly embarrassing time when my coworkers found my Myspace page and I was told I was good and how they were “getting it done to my music last night”. Those were organic moments. Moments I’ll never forget. Good art will find the people who appreciate it. Not because you told them to appreciate it.

What I make it a point to do now is promote myself like no one in the world knows me. I just create and release it. No real instructions. No intentions. And right now everything is free. I can create forever. I’ll never run out of art to contribute. What I’m noticing is that people react. They find me. They like and follow and show love and I don’t have to tell them to do that. They just genuinely like what I’m doing and want to support. That gives me the peace and motivation to create. I want to create to till I die. Not till it “pays off”.

If you create. No matter what you create. Just know if it’s high quality, people will find it. Have a great morning!