If it holds your mind, speak from your heart.
Don’t stifle your tongue with a word someone may need
That person in need may be you…
Don’t run from the love in your heart
Stand still and let it knock you unconscious into clarity
Understand your love and it’s energy
Challenge it to be what you need
Control your loving energy and deliver until a feel of peace

If it’s on your heart relish in the thought
The release of that feeling to beam while it’s dark
Turn that feeling into clear thought
And express with no halt
Understand what you feel, accept it and deal
Break way from the chains of suppressed ideas

Be who you are. What you are is what you feel.
Express without yield
Thoughts from the heart forever real

Don’t Worry…I Won’t Speak…

Within 100 feet our energy was transmitted
Energies of anxiety, uncertainty and even a little fear
A worry that I would obviously look your way
Stare a hole into your soul
And force a response or reaction
But don’t worry…I won’t speak.

Because well passed a year from this time
You let it rest on my mind
That communication from me of any kind
Would be anything but cool and less than fine
So don’t worry…I won’t speak.

I refuse to be anything but celebrated
For all that I was to you
And if all you see is what you don’t have of me
Than the loss of me is on you
Your word is as hollow as the heart you carry on ice
What a Fucking BITCH!
My thoughts as your perception of me
Flipped from Nice to “Bad Guy”

We share one real friend
So hold your sighs
I won’t make attempts through them
Won’t speak your name or confide
If it makes you feel better
Consider “I’ve died”
And don’t worry…I won’t speak.