Results Are What Matter

It’s November 1, 2018 and all I’ve been thinking about is the goals that I haven’t accomplished for the year. Body goals, brand goals, financial goals, personal goals; All of them still not met. I have no one to blame but myself. Somewhere along the way I got comfortable. I believed in “tomorrow”. I stopped doing “whatever it takes” and started forecasting for “eventually”. What I want won’t get achieved doing “enough” or “more than most”. I have to really be willing to look insane for the amount of time and effort put in. The life I have and the life I want are in two different worlds. My mind sees that clearly. It’s time for my body to take action.

I don’t want to make plans. Tell you what I want to do, what Im about to do and give you this cool preparation post. That’s something to impress “day 1’ers” and people that love to prep. This isn’t day 1. This is like day 5,000! I just need to be more about results than anything else. Results are the finish lines to success. Results are what matter.

Here’s to results. Enough of speaking on the process. Let’s just get to the damn results!

The Other Side of Sacrifice…

I heard it’s a beautiful life
On the other side of sacrifice
Later was indeed greater
and fantasy’s your delight

You indulge in dream
Cause it’s the reality your breathe
Engulfed in the bliss of validations serenity
That’s a sight to see…

A breathtaking sight indeed
The years of tears and “why me”
Are the oceans you now float in peacefully
You are paid fully

The nights you couldn’t make it
The days you felt so naked
The hurt experienced
When you felt time was wasted

But you made it…
Now your hand holds the world
Your world and it’s sacred
Held as high as your head and unshaken

Oh what a beautiful life…
On the other side of sacrifice…
Where the love of tomorrow
Helps you sleep through tonight

Health Evolution: Leaving Pain Behind

I am in my 7th day of less pain. It feels great, but there is still more progress to be made. Last Saturday, I took what is now my last bite of pork for the rest of the year. I have to do it. I literally think that was the leading contributor to this literal pain in my neck, back and shoulder. I’m sure I had a little too much to begin with, but I don’t think eating any food should be hurting my body.

It hurt so bad that I couldn’t workout. It gave me a feeble feeling and it was literally slowing me down. My fatigue was off the charts and I was exhausted for no real reason. Feelings that I hate feeling because there is so much to do in a day, especially with me chasing my goals.

As I threw the last few brats I had in the garbage, I was determined to get better. Getting better meant sacrifice. It meant change. It meant doing things I never thought I would do if I wanted to get the success I wanted to see or in this case feel. I’ve never thought I had to give up eating certain foods. The last 7 days have made it obvious I have to in order to get my desired results. As the hours and the days went by, I could literally feel my body detoxing. The more fruit and water I digested, I became more alert. The more vegetables I ate, I began to purge more of the bad that was inside of me. It was a real release of toxins and new energy was in it’s place. Don’t get me wrong, I still don’t quite feel like myself, but at least I don’t feel as bad as I did 7 days ago. That’s how I know this is the right move.

In addition to the pork, I decided I’m done with ground beef. I’m just over it and I’ve never been that big of a fan of it. I passed over free burgers the day I ate those brats and polish’s. I’m also going to limit my dairy. I only say limit, because pizza is a vice. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but it definitely is a great battle for another time.

Outside of giving up pork, another hard task is no fast food for the rest of year. The convenience alone is going to make this difficult. I don’t know what I’ll do now that I can’t take advantage of the latest Popeye’s special on some random days. I have to put myself to the test though. It’s just not good for you long term. Plus the money spent adds up quick. That money could be used to self invest, save for a trip or sit on it and do nothing. All those options sound better than that temporary crap shoot of indulging in fast food.

Lastly, I think I have a hernia. I feel the same symptoms I did when I had one 16 years ago. A couple other pains I have are just not going away. They feel “better” but the goal is no pain and that may require surgery, if my feeling is correct. I’m looking for a doctor to get checked out soon.

I say I want this success. Now, God is asking me, “What are you willing to do for it?” Ridding my body of the pain that it carries daily, is my first step in showing him. It’s time to really go after my Health Evolution.


I don’t want to die trying to reach success…
New 24’s to get my destiny, so I can’t rest
I refuse to settle and be content with less
Done worrying about “how’d they do it”
It’s time to be at my best

In a time where you can’t rely on a 9 to 5
And security with great companies is far and wide
You got to be unconventional and strive
Put your hands in more than one basket
And that’s just to survive

How can I party and bullshit?
Why should I relax and chill quick?
When the rent was just due
And I barely had half of it

Success is beyond “getting by”
It’s beyond “should” and “try”
It’s securing a way
To work as hard as you play
And leave loved ones comfortable in your demise

Pussy don’t feel as good when you broke
And food taste better when you can order some more
I’m not starving or horny
But I’m far from content
Until I get my success
I’ll do anything but relent

Willing to fight, kill and be misunderstood
Be alone and isolated for the greater and good
I been praying for answers, now it’s time to start listening
The words will manifest into my minds desired vision

I don’t want to die trying to reach success…
I’m too far from my goals to stop or rest
I refuse to settle and be content with less
I wasn’t put here to do nothing less than my best

Childish Gambino Made It! But….😔

Even though J.R. Bang’s brother Patrick initially put me on to Childish Gambino in 2009, I think I understand how underground hipsters feel when the artist they champion blow up to a mainstream audience.

Loving Bino for “Redbone” and “This is America” is just plain hurtful.

Please just google him and all his work. Really show him support. He’s super dope.

Bino….Get your money, black man. ✊🏾