On 11-29-19

Yesterday, I woke up being thankful. Today, I wake up understanding that there is still work to do and I have to change my circumstance. I truly am ready to take on this new life that is ahead of me. It’s time that I begin to force the issue of better with my discipline and actions in difficult times.

Life constantly improves. I just want it to be the best it can possibly be.

Thankful To Be Thankful

This week has been one of mental breakdown and healing. I had one of my down moments and it hurt so bad that I lost sight of everything. Nothing seemed to matter at all to me. I had every intent on actually staying in the house alone on Thanksgiving under the act of “not feeling it” and just being down on life. During the holiday season that’s a terrible thought process to have and believe. As usual Gary Vee came through with clutch content about Gratitude. Then I saw great interviews with T-Pain and K Michelle and knew that I had to pick myself up and keep going. The great people around me wouldn’t let me quit either. I thank them for that.

I’m thankful for having a great wife. Thankful for great friends. Thankful that even in these not so great days, I’m alive and with a chance to change things. I’m thankful that people believe in me and they remind me to believe in myself.

I’m also extremely thankful that I finally know the perils that come with not speaking to myself with gratitude. As I continue to move forward in life I want to speak nothing but greatness and gratitude to myself. It’s a process and a challenge I am ready to take on head first. I’m going to treat it as a new discipline and crush it!

Wherever you are. No matter what your circumstance. I encourage you to find 3 things to be grateful and thankful for. I started with something as simple as thanking God for keeping me alive even though I complained about how I’m living.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving and Holiday Season.