Time To Upgrade

It’s quite clear that I am in need of an all around technology upgrade. I needed one a few years ago, but it has turned into a “now more than ever” thing. A lot of my devices are “obsolete”, it’s hard to get space to save files and then the upload, processing and export process has reached an all time low.

It doesn’t help that I am somewhat of a “digital hoarder” and I’m still holding on to clips and pics from 2012 if not older than that. I want to go through and delete what I don’t need, but this thing called time. That’s a full time job to be honest with you. I have to do it one day though. I’m near my max on a 2TB hard drive, so I know I got to go through and start cleaning house.

Time for new technology to be apart of my budget. I got 3 podcast, plan on writing another book and I need to get acquainted with the new way of producing content with the new softwares that exist. I been doing great with what I have, but it’s time to make new strides to create at a high level.