When You Write It Down

The wild part about writing down your vision, is that you may realize how far away you’ve put yourself from it.

Shaking My Workers Mentality

I’ve been waking up the last couple weeks with soul stirring, but mind calming revelations. I woke up this morning with a revelation that I hope will help steer me right through the rest of 2019 and life. The revelation? I mostly think and operate like a worker. On the surface there is nothing wrong with that, but here’s the issue. I won’t be an effective leader, brand builder or business owner with a workers mentality or operation.

Somewhere on this blog I said I gave up pursing being an Entrepreneur. After I said that, I started looking for work and was writing for other sites and doing interviews for other brands and happy to accept positions alongside others who are in control. Externally, there is nothing wrong with that at all. It’s nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about. The internal problem with that is I still felt the empty voids. The lack of notoriety for my work. The lack of needed compensation to take care of home. The unfulfilled career path and my pursuit of happiness. I’m working, but I feel empty. That empty feeling let me know it’s time for me to adopt a new mentality and take control.

I don’t like that I’m not 100% in control of my destiny. I don’t like that I have to depend on payment from someone vs getting my own and making sure it’s more than enough. If I don’t like it, I have to do something about it. So, today, I am officially making it a point to shake my “worker mentality”. It’s time to be a boss. It’s time to cultivate, lead, take control and take charge of the the path to the life that I desire. It’s time to hustle and not depend on anyone to give me what they feel I’m worth. It’s also time for me to focus 100% on everything I created. I should be spending 100% of my time building my dreams, not spending 50% or more of my time, building someone else’s.

A new challenge. A new chance at discipline and growth. I’m here for that.

Seeing My World

Calmly I sit in dead silence. Thinking of the tomorrow that will come. The vision that plays so vividly in my mind as where I am transforms into thoughts of where I was. The freedom to live and choose. The option to work or play. Deciding to be where it’s always sunny or to enjoy a few days of rain.

I inhale the love and excellence. Then exhale the doubt and fear. Because what I am is what I always knew I would be. I no longer await my season or year. The smile on the face of my children, knowing the world is theirs to behold. The wife that endured the ride now can relax cause there is no more storm. The people considered family are living their wildest dreams. I’m helping. I’m giving. All because of what I’ve survived and seen.

When this world is mine, I can’t wait to bring you along. Cause this world on my mind, is even greater than when I first saw.