Yeah, I Voted, But…

Yeah, I Voted, but
I’d be lying if I told you I knew why
I live in a city that the news doesn’t really cover
And some of the national issues don’t really apply.

Yeah, I Voted…
But I’m not a Democrat
I’m not a Republican
I’m a black man In the Divided States of America

The demo that’s pandered to and manipulated
Focused on till after Election Day
The community penetrated through by so called leaders
And Pastors that get their pockets lined in some way

Yeah, I Voted…
But I don’t think anyone I admire did
The folks whose lifestyles that I strive for
What Political party they is?
I say it ignorantly because that’s what I am to the answer
They push self made success not voting to equalize society cancers

Why dance, Bruh?
When has this song ever changed?
Your state been red or blue
And not once has it truly swayed

By the way….
Miss me with that woke shit
That “my people died so I could vote” shit
That I’m lost if I do or don’t
And that “Who Black on the ballots my vote”

You sound sound stupid too!
Cause I been lower middle class since 22
And ain’t a damn thing change
From selecting any color that was deemed cool

Yeah, I voted
But not so YOU can tell ME I can complain
Not because I’m a coon
And not for admiration and gain

So continue to argue and troll
Go back and forth with every soul
Go hard for those that don’t know your name
And won’t care after the polls closed

Yeah, I Voted, but so the fuck what…
I’m not entertaining none of y’all
Just know I did and shut the fuck up…