Internally Inspired

I’m ready to really work again…

On 11-29-19

Yesterday, I woke up being thankful. Today, I wake up understanding that there is still work to do and I have to change my circumstance. I truly am ready to take on this new life that is ahead of me. It’s time that I begin to force the issue of better with my discipline and actions in difficult times.

Life constantly improves. I just want it to be the best it can possibly be.

No More Thinking

I need to stop thinking. I got to get to work. Thinking too long leads to overthinking and then, things don’t get done. The thought I had this morning was great though. It put my interview content creation in perspective.

Moving forward, I only want to talk to people I’m actually a fan of. I don’t need to do anything for “exposure” or “practice” anymore. It’s not beneath me, but it’s not needed at this stage for me. Now, I want to speak to those I admire, love and genuinely support.

It’s also time I build my own fan base with things that are authentic to me. No more trying. All doing. Putting out the things that I truly want and letting people gravitate towards that. With that will come a better system of creation. I got to become better at managing my time, to create more content that I’m in love with and putting that out for people to see. Most importantly, no more rushing. The content will come out on my time with my vision on full display.

I’m in full rebrand mode. Physically, mentally and creatively. Let’s get back to the work.

6AM on October 24th

Making time to create, to gain success so you can quit your job can be difficult. Sometimes the motivation for the little things are off. I really wished I had thought like I am thinking now, 3 years ago.

This time in 2016 I was about to start a new job. What I could have been doing was writing. I could have created this blog and began writing books then. I had to move back in with my mom and was rent free and living off my last checks and soon after unemployment.

Instead of doing that, I was looking for media jobs. That lead to looking for work in general. Those things lead to the less than desirable path that I had ample opportunity to avoid. Even though I say this, all those moments had to happen. They had to happen because it eventually lead it’s way to this moment. The story isn’t told the same if I start in 2016. There are some details and some content that don’t make “Living In A Beautiful Disaster” if 2016 ends differently. So I can’t ponder or harp on the “what if”; I need to make the most of now.

I would really like to get out. See or do something to keep the words flowing. That always helps. No excuses. I will try to provide a shock to my reality immediately. Even if it means taking a day off. I’m going to do something to help open me up mentally so I can add more color to my creations.

Hustling Backwards

I often talk about creating a better life for myself, being a resource and working on my terms. It became crystal clear to me today that I have been hustling backwards seemingly all year. It’s truly a situation of trying to change my mentality, yet caught up in the conditioning that society has instilled in us all.

The dumbest thing I’ve done this year…Is look for a part time sales job, instead of selling the product I’ve already created.

I have a book, I have shirts, hoodies, socks and soon hats! I have 2 podcast over a year old. I should be selling those every single day! That’s the money! That’s the opportunity! That’s how I’m going to change my circumstance!

It also solves my “what to do with social media” question. Find creative, innovative and cool ways to sell all this lifestyle, conversation and experience. If I don’t sell it, who’s going to buy it?

It’s my fault. I allowed myself to become a safe, trained worker. I read how to get out of that and allowed myself to drift back into that state of mind. Getting too wrapped up in thinking a job would help me fuel my dreams and change my circumstance. Worried about getting the money for the dreams instead of pushing the dreams to get to the money. That’s not what builds true Entrepreneurship. It’s also something I can’t do part time. I got to at it every single day. The old product is new to someone else. Also, if it gets too “boring” or “mundane” I need to do my part in switching it up. It’s all on me. I’d rather sell 2 shirts for me than 100 for someone else. Yet, I was still looking for somewhere to work in hopes of selling more of my product to leave, SMH.

I been hustling backwards. I’m ashamed, but I’m fixing it and now, I’m ready to do this right and for real. I have plenty product for sale. Product that will allow me to live the aspirations and affirmations that I read twice a day.

Get ready to support and believe or get completely sick of me. I’m officially clocked in.

8:30am At My Desk

I just had a revelation. I’m selling myself entirely too short and that is officially dead. I am too good to be underutilized, boxed in and minimized. I’m taking no more shorts. Time to collect what I’ve earned.