Vegan For 30 Days?

Read an article today about some of my favorite male celebrities who are living the vegan lifestyle. Some I knew before, like Mike Tyson and Y.G. Then there were some I didn’t know lived the lifestyle like Drake and Kyrie Irving.

Reading Mike Tyson’s story again made me consider taking on being Vegan for a full 30 days. He talks about how it helped with his weight, addiction, aches, pains and arthritis. I have a history of back and knee pains. As I get older the discomfort seems to get worse. I try to stay active and working out helps but some days, I just can’t shake the strain. It’s even worse during the cold months. My thought is, give this Vegan lifestyle a shot the entire month of April and if I get rid of the aches and pains, to seriously consider a full lifestyle change. How could I not if it’s ridding me of years of previous strain?

As I take my health and body more serious, I am open to trying anything that will improve it the right way. Working out 3-6 days a week and cutting back on processed and fast foods have worked wonders so far. With me cutting out meat and dairy altogether, there’s no telling the transformation in sight.

It helps my wife is already Vegan and has been for 3 months. She makes some great meals so some days I really do not eat any meat or dairy, which I can feel the difference when I do and don’t. I only do it a few days out of the week. I don’t think I’ve done it a full week yet, which is why I want to attempt it, just to see and feel the difference, if any.

I’m going to buy a scale and prepare for April 2018 as my month of trying out the vegan lifestyle. If a drastic transformation occurs, I will post the results. Have a great night and a better morning!

From Challenge To Lifestyle: #HealthEvolution #LifeEvolution

Today marks the official completion of my September discipline challenge. My goal was to lift weights for 10 days this month. I started September 4th and have officially finished September 19th.

What I can tell you off top is that I feel good! I feel accomplished. I am happy to say that I set my mind to do something and I did it. On the surface lifting weights for 10 days doesn’t seem too hard. But when you aren’t lifting at all and trying to change your lifestyle, it’s pretty major.

This isn’t just a one off challenge. It’s also not an attempt at a hobby. I wanted to use these days to develop a new part of my lifestyle. I want lifting weights and being in great shape to become apart of my fabric. Not that I want to be in competitions or be a personal trainer or anything like that. I just want to be a black man that is in excellent condition. That’s a great enough reason for me. I plan to be around a long time for my family and to see my other goals through. Can’t do that if your sluggish, flabby and sick.

If you are trying to start a transition to a healthier lifestyle, maybe what I did will work for you. Here was my mindset day 1 to day 10.

  • Don’t push too hard. Especially if you’re lifting alone
  • Create a fun and competitive pace for where you are not where you want to be
  • Start everyday with cardio to get a good sweat and loosing you up
  • You don’t need to spend hours working out. 30-45 minutes will get you right most days
  • Pick a different set of muscles everyday
  • Switch up a workout or two to add more excitement to the routine
  • Pick Music that keeps you motivated. I used a lot of violent rap music

This is what I used to push myself and keep me interested. There wasn’t one day I dreaded going to the gym. I had some sore days, like today, but I didn’t push so hard that I could barely move or wanted to skip days. I took a marathon approach. Yeah, I was salty I had to drop all the way down to 20 lbs for dumbbell curls, but today, I’m officially up to 3 sets with 30’s. My muscle memory is returning and I feel myself getting stronger and already seeing slight results. The small progress I seen the last 10 days has me wanting to go hard daily.

I’m too old to not have any muscle definition. I want this to become a habit. A lifestyle but not quite an addiction. I say that only because I don’t want to be overly obsessed with my appearance and doing anything to look perfect. Plus, I’m already addicted to success. That addiction applies to every portion of my life.

The valuable lesson I learned was, go at your own pace, compete with yourself and results are eminent. It takes work, sweat and pain to cause change. So how bad do you want to change?