But Don’t Worry

Life has hit a frustrating period. I’m still in my unfortunate cycle. Last night I realized that I’m not in the position to do some things I want and need to do. I really have to get myself in a better position to execute.

I been sitting, thinking, contemplating, getting a little anxious; But what I can’t do is worry. If I worry it may limit what gets done. If I worry, life is going to pass me by. I can’t worry. I got to stand strong and continue to power through. Work and will the things I want to come my way. Worrying will only hurt me mentally and make me feel like there is no hope. So I got to eliminate that worrying in every aspect.

I’m praying God does something huge to impact my life. I just want an abundance of positive change. I really do.

Image by Peter H from Pixabay