I Finally Saw RAW in Chicago!

I been a big wrestling fan for pretty much my whole life. Within my fandom and love for the world of pro wrestling, it was still one thing I had never done before; Been to a live show in Chicago. I’m happy to say my wife made that happen for me! It was definitely an unexpected but appreciated surprise this month!

My phone is old so I didn’t take the greatest photos, but the memory of having the moment is all I truly need! I love going to live wrestling shows and going to one in one of if not the greatest wrestling city in the world is an experience I won’t forget!

One of the coolest things about attending a live WWE show is the stuff that won’t make TV. Monday night, I got to see Drew McIntyre vs The Fiend in a steel cage match! It was a cool bonus to end the night and I must admit, the red light looks way better in person than it does on TV. I still would rather see Fiend matches without it, but at least when it’s live it’s easier on the eyes.

Fawk Dominic! #FBCPod

Kofi lost the title in a Max of 7 seconds and that’s some bullshit! Not because he lost, but cause of how he lost! The breakdown, what it means and what to expect in the future is all broken down during a soon to be legendary burrito rant from J.R. Bang.

AEW made it’s debut and there were some definite Pro’s and Con’s. We talk the good, bad and the potentially controversial as Cam has a caution filled critique on Nyla Rose and her place in AEW. It was the biggest week in wrestling on this decade so we took our time on this weeks #FBCPod! Oh yeah, Hell In A Cell is still going on.

Chill Out Cody! #FBCPod

Hell In A Cell is next Sunday and most of the card is a secret. We give the best predictions we can and talk some things that we would like to see happen at the Pay Per View. Before we get into that Bang takes a moment to talk Cody Rhodes comments on black superstars and their dominance in the world of wrestling. Then we deep dive on what a wrestling superstar is and who truly is one! If you fawking with #FBCPod hit the link!

What is The Work-Life Balance of A Wrestler? #FBCPod

The King of The Ring bracket is at the Semi-Final round and everybody’s is fawked! We literally have 1 possible winner left and if Baron Corin loses our contest is officially over. We have a serious talk about Ric Flair and his dispute with WWE over “The Man” and what it could really mean. Lio Rush new music and Bayley with the RNS storyline of the year and so much more on this weeks #FBCPod!