#FirstBlackChampPod Let EC3 Glow!

We’re coming up on the 2 year anniversary of the podcast and we already have an idea of what we want to do! In the meantime we talk about the big news of Paul Heyman and Eric Bischoff taking over WWE programming and what it means for RAW, Smackdown and the superstars that could benefit from this decision.

Then we talk the “Main Event Muscle Men” and if it truly can work. If Bang knows this, Vince really need to stop playing games!

We end the show with an AEW FYTER Fest recap and backlash dissection and offer some advice to some of the “marks” who can’t stop complaining on this weeks #FirstBlackChampPod.

Bangin On Lunch Tables: Nobody Running 2019 Yet

J.R. Bang said Megan Thee Stallion got a Pimp C vibe and her likes and plays are officially up. We’ll explain why it’s worth a listen even if you’re a man that swears women rapping “isn’t for you”. Cam is done arguing whether or not To Pimp A Butterfly is a classic or a masterpiece. You may or may not believe the reason why. It’s Another enlightening episode of the #BanginOnLunchTables podcast!

Megan Thee Stallion – 8:30

Is there an Album of The Year candidate yet? – 14:52
– Who could benefit from the soft start in 2019? – 21:40
– That Cole Kendrick Project was never happening! – 24:19

CamQuotes is not longer going back and forth over TPAB – 35:35
– The Album revelation
– Artist aren’t making TPAB songs or albums
– What’s performing like a classic? TPAB or Damn? – 56:05

Final Words – 1:07:05

First Black Champ: A Freak In The Fastlane

Fastlane is tonight and since the card became official last Tuesday Night we doing our predictions today! We also start the conversation on how we need to start keeping it real on how tough Ronda Rousey is and how her hands are pretty trash! Then we talk Nostalgia Sex and ask the question “Can a WWE Diva fall off so hard that you never want to have sex with her?” on this weeks #FirstBlackChamp podcast!

First Black Champ: Check The Archives

Roman Reigns is back! Does that effect the send off for Dean Ambrose? We the 66% Shield reunion and if Dean Ambrose should have Wrestlemania plans. We also dig into Ronda Rousey and why she’s just not a great sports entertainer. Bautista beat Ric Flair ass on his birthday, but Cam is not feeling Evolution explodes at Wrestlemania.

Then we revisit Triple H’s “People Like You” promo on Booker T. Bang reads the transcript of what happened on 3-3-03 and we tie that and Daniel Bryan’s “Yes Movement” and “Occupy RAW” moment in with Kofi Kingston getting his Wrestlemania Title Match on this #FirstBlackChamp podcast episode!

Bangin On Lunch Tables: A Million Content Lies

The Only Slim Shady LP Anniversary Conversation – 4:30
– Why was it not celebrate heavy or at all?
– 20 years later, it’s classic – 17:15
– Eminem “Content” analysis – 18:30
– Big L, Big Pun, Eminem in 98-99 – 25:20

The T-Pain Conversation – 38:36
– New Album
– Give Him His Flowers Now!

The 2 Chainz Conversation – 51:48
– The LeBron Album
– The overrating by “new/casual fans”

The Content Hoax – 1:02:50

Why Compelling Artist Content Matters – 1:14:40
– Cam listens to Mozzy
– Offset Interview > Offset Album

Do you know how difficult it is to sell 1 million? – 1:29:00

The Evolved and Rebranded ATL Rappers – 1:41:15
J.R. Bang is scared for the 2019 Hip-Hop Year – 1:51:48

Final Words 2:02:42