Boss Talk and Understanding

This Boss thing and this Leader thing is serious. You really have no time to talk about it if you are living it. I thought I could still be a boss by just calling MY own shots. That’s foolish thinking. Yes, you do have to have control and govern over yourself, but a real leader is shown through the impact to and through other people. Leaders are put in position to influence. When you’re truly bossing up, you have empowered others around you and they execute at a high caliber because of the example you’ve set. I took a step backwards. I was turning down opportunities to lead and boss up and was “just talking” like one. I got nowhere. Now, I’m clamoring for a new opportunity to show how great of a leader I can be and what my version of bossing up looks like.

God reminded me of who I was and who I’ve always been. With great opportunity comes great responsibility and sacrifice. 2019, we get back to that and do so much more.


An MLK Quote and Elaboration

With all of the heartbreaking and soul stirring images we have seen and stories we have heard, along with some things we have personally experienced. What’s realer than this simple statement?

When we see injustice amongst any group of people for any reason, it’s not right and we should all exhibit courage to do something about it. Living in silence, looking away, and pointing the finger at another known evil isn’t right. Refusing to communicate in an effort to understand isn’t right.

We ALL really have to start focusing on doing what’s right. Not just for the memory of Martin Luther King Jr, but for our future and for our children. Peace, prosperity and love to all. I hope we are remain in the fight for what’s right.


My Writer’s Affirmation

This writer’s affirmation manifested itself in many ways. I created an erotica series, and got paid to write cover letters, bio’s and touch up resumes. I also got to speak my “written piece” on music and how it effects us for 2 different media outlets. I put out my first book and ended the year with music reviews.

This blog site became a safe haven for my thoughts feelings and emotions. I shared my art and my life with you. You were receptive, felt me and communicated and for that I thank you.