I Got A Chance To Paint

I woke up earlier than usual. One cause I was burning up as far as body temperature goes. Two, because I’m finally sober. So I might as well share with you how my night went.

I got a chance to hang with the wife and go to a “Paint and Sip” at our complex. I started off double fist sipping with very little painting.

It was an overall good time. The picture we were painting wasn’t the most creative so we both deviated from the finished product. My wife’s finish product is amazing! Everyone marveled it and said, “she took painting classes” or does this professionally. They were so in awe that a couple people told her that maybe she should host one of these painting events. One lady was trying to touch on her painting. I didn’t understand that, but I wasn’t about to let that go down. Haters come in so many different forms. Got to be aware of why certain actions are happening.

Me on the other hand; I did ok. Waking up this morning I thought, “I should have made my stars smaller.” “Maybe I should have matched my wife’s painting in a different way.” I was kind of aimless and making up my ideas as I went along. I was killing the drinking and socializing aspect though. I was there just in the spirit of the activity. Painting is fun whether you got skills or not. I’d definitely like to do it again soon just with a more thought out game-plan.