30 Thoughts Before 38: Full Playlist

On April 15th, I started a countdown to my 38 Birthday. It was about all the thoughts on my mind and things I hope to improve on as I venture deeper into my late 30’s. Here’s my complete list of 30 thoughts before 38.

Interview: Jayme Shaye talks being transparent in her album “DeToxic”

Jayme Shaye is a great singer with transparent and colorful content. Jayme Shaye is currently earning her stripes in the music industry and is singing the thoughts that many women have and many men can’t handle.

Source: Interview: Jayme Shaye talks being transparent in her album “DeToxic”

Bryan SM #BOLTSBonus

Bryan SM stops through and we talk music in many different layers. He tells us about the beginning stages of his grind and how initiative is what took him to the next level.

We also talk who needs that Bryan SM production for their next hit. Then we let Bryan hop in his R&B bag and put together his super group and he lets us know what is the go to artist/group when you trying to get next to the ladies.

All that and the name of the new Bop you’ll be doing after you watch the “Gang” video on this weeks #BanginOnLunchTables Bonus!